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About us

Chiawelo Radio is an online radio station provides a platform under which the residents of Chiawelo and those surrounding them can amongst other things share their opinion on things taking place in their communities thus providing a vision which the community can use to address the issue that exist in the area, share opinion on the past, present and future path of Chiawelo which will contribute towards identification of future growth and development strategies which will empower Chiawelo and also the surrounding communities.

Chiawelo Radio is an online radio station in which it plays vital role in terms of youth empowerment and cultivation of skills as it has talk shows that is focused on the skills that the community has, and as well as offering advice and guidance on how such skills can be channeled in a positive manner that it becomes beneficial to the communities and its youth, such shows play a huge role in terms of bringing awareness to the Chiawelo community and also its surrounding communities and in the long run will assist in the eradication of youth unemployment in the area.

The radio station has great emphasis in the things which takes place and affect the Chiawelo community and its surrounding communities but not only will it focus on such aspect but will also focus on the positive aspect of things taking place in the Chiawelo area, things that will not only bring families together by providing wholesome local entertainment and will ensure that it carters for both the young and old through providing top quality local music that can be enjoyed by all people of all ages of Chiawelo.

Mission statement

By observing the lifestyle and behavior of the people of Chiawelo it became apparent that the community needs a platform which can showcase the talents and bring awareness to the issues taking place and affecting our community, and thus the Chiawelo Radio will aim to provide amongst other things such as quality local music from the whole of South Africa and also sampling other styles of music genres from abroad, engage the community through which the issues affecting our community can be voiced, solutions discussed and effective and efficient strategy implemented that will ensure that the community develops and its inhabitants benefit from such development, and bring about a sense of unity and friendliness by showcasing how the community have grown and what individuals can do to ensure it becomes a better place for everyone. This is the reason why Chiawelo Radio is playing 95% of local content.

The radio station benefits to the community

* Job Creation, we have employed 20 people currently on a voluntary contract.
* Training and skills will be offered for free to the public.
* Safety and security at the tower and the whole mountain because currently the tower is used by drug users they use the tower as a hiding place for taking drugs, There has been a number of crimes reported that occurred at the tower, crimes such as rape, murder, robbery and a lot more, so this initiative will reduce crime Healthy environment because we will clean the whole area on a daily base. ? Tourist attraction, we planned to turn the tower into a land mark that will attract a lot of people from all over the world.

We are Chiawelo radio.

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